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Underwater photography is a wonderful creative outlet whether you are searching to take professional shots or just have fun in the water! The gorgeous movement of the waves and water is 1 thing, you’ve also got the underwater world of marine life, coral reefs along with swimming subjects to focus on as a way to take your shots to the next level. If you’re heading out on vacations somewhere tropical and have packed a waterproof camera, these tips are for you. They are also for anyone interested in analyzing underwater photographs in the hope of creating their abilities and perhaps progress to a housing for their own camera. Below are five simple measures to get you started with all underwater photographs. Even though the first one seem super clear, definitely do not bypass it in the expectation that once you are in the water it all will workout. It pays to be prepared and understand what you’re doing in the water. #1 Jump Being comfortable in the water is an obvious but necessary step in taking underwater photographs. The more conscious you are of the underwater environment, the less focused you will be on holding your breath or worrying about the waves being too significant. Once you’re comfortable swimming, snorkelling or perhaps just know more about the tides, tears, wave movements etc the better your graphics will emerge. It’s worth putting in the effort to Underwater Lightroom presets Do pt learn about the environment you are going to be photographing in, for the personal security and because it is going to help you create picture opportunities. #2 Which Camera? If you are just starting out underwater, you don’t really need the largest and greatest camera available. Start small and see just how you enjoy it because underwater housings could be quite an investment! There are plenty of alternatives available which will make it possible for you to snap away and exercise your skills. Recently I’ve been traveling with a small Olympus TG 5 (there is a new version on the TG 6) which is a waterproof, shock proof and freeze proof digital camera which has interchangeable lenses and attachments. I didn’t believe at first that with the various lenses it’d be completely watertight but after carrying it into Croatia and swimming everyday it surely demonstrated itself and the top quality documents are clear in both RAW and JPEG formats. I can not recommend this camera highly enough and even beginning carrying it in my purse so I can take photographs in fountains and puddles around town too! (Do not laugh, you’ll get hooked on water photography also! ) . GoPro’s are obviously the original choice for extreme sports and action however to develop your photography skills submerged it’s Ideal to start with a camera where you can correct and learn about the preferences and focal points

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