7-Nasal polyps

7-Nasal polyps

 Nasal polyps are a common disease and it affects men and women, adults and children.

The patient complaint of nasal obstruction, anterior and posterior nasal discharge, headache, with progression of these polyps snoring, muffled sound, anosmia and mouth breathing.

 Many types of nasal polyps are known, the most common is that accompanied by chronic sinusitis, fungal sinusitis and allergic polyps.

The condition is diagnose using the nasal endoscopy to detect the sinuses involved and the type of the polyps , in addition to the computed tomography to detect the extension to the eye and/or the brain.

Sometimes biopsy is taken for pathology if the diagnosis of tumor is suspicious.

Nasal polyps are treated using nasal endoscopy and the shaver to ensure the complete removal of the polyps and that the polyps won’t recur.it is worth mentioning that the nasal polyps surgery is a one day surgery and it is done through the nostril without any incisions in the face or sublabial as it was used to be done like that in the past days.

It is worth mentioning that the excised polyps have to be send for pathology assessment to exclude malignancies and to detect the protocol of treatment to prvent recurrence.

In case of polyps on top of chronic sinusitis proper antibiotics , and in cases of allergic polyps nasal sprays must be taken and in case of fungal polyps corticosteroids must be takenand then local sprays.