Adenoid hypertrophy is a common disease in children.

Adenoid is a part of the lymphoid tissue found in the pharynx and it has an immune role in children till the age of three and then the size of the adenoid decrease after completion of that role.

And in case of adenoid hypotrophy after three years of age it cause nasal obstruction, continuous mucoid nasal discharge, mouth breathing, nasal tone and snoring and all these symptoms deprive the child form quite sleeping and normal feeding.

And in case of adenoid hypertrophy after the age of three it can cause effusion behind the ear drums and diminished hearing as well as sinus affection and extension of the infection to the chest cough and expectoration and difficulty in breathing.

Diagnosis of this case is by using nasal endoscopy especially designed for infants as it detects the size of the adenoid and associated allergic rhinitis or sinus infection.

It is worth mentioning that the nasal endoscopy especially designed for infants replaces the conventional way to diagnose the adenoid hypertrophy using the x-ray which benefits the child from not taking a dose of harmful rays.

Adenoid hypertrophy is treated by nasal endoscopy and the shaver to ensure complete removal and that it won’t recur again.

It is worth mentioning that lymphoid hypertrophy in the pharynx of adults and smokers is a serious condition especially if there is unilateral nasal obstruction or diminished hearing level in that side due to Eustachian tube occlusion that is responsible for ear aeration or is accompanied by nasal or pharyngeal bleeding as these symptoms is suggestive for malignant conditions in smokers.